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Independent Voices Episode Guide

Check out Past Episodes of Independent Voices:

Episode 1 (May 2005): Featuring images and speeches from the March 19, 2005 anti-war protest and rally in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Episode 2 (July 2005): Featuring a counter recruitment action at a Raleigh recruiting station; Hip-Hop Against War performance; North Carolina Workers’ movement for collective bargaining; and a conference on people of faith for environmental justice and sustainability.

Episode 3 (September 2005): Featuring a direct action against proposed budget cuts for Medicaid and tax breaks in North Carolina; commemoration of 25th anniversary of democratic uprising in Gwangju, South Korea; vigil in support of victims of the London bombings and the against the occupations of Iraq, Palestine, and Afghanistan; and the North Carolina Workers’ movement for collective bargaining.

Episode 4 (October 2005): Featuring a candle light vigil in support of Cindy Sheehan’s encampment outside Bush’s Crawford Texas ranch; Raleigh-based Fight Big Media’s response to the fourth anniversary of 9/11; Human Rights activist Jennifer Harbury speaks against torture in Raleigh; and images and speeches from September 24, 2005 anti-war rally and march in Washington D.C.

Episode 5 (November 2005): Featuring excerpts from the Peoples Video Network’s Katrina exposé, “Which Gulf is the War Zone”; reviews of books on U.S. militarism and empire; resistance to the Israeli Wall in occupied territories; and a report on the earthquake in Pakistan.

Episode 6 (December 2006): Featuring a direct action against North Carolina-based Aero Contractor’s role in Extraordinary Rendition and CIA torture; an international spotlight on worker abuse in North Carolina; and a video report from the immediate aftermath of Katrina in Alabama, Mississippi, and New Orleans, and the growing grassroots leadership. (Winner of the 2006 Burke Award for Best Documentary Program)

Episode 7 (January 2006): Featuring a march and rally in New Orleans to commemorate International Human Rights Day (December 10, 2005); resistance to Wal-Mart in North Carolina; interview with legendary Israeli nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu; Angela Davis talks at NC State on prison industrial complex in the age of globalization; and a discussion of a book, “Black on Black Violence” at The Know Bookstore in Durham.

Episode 8 (February 2006):
Featuring a commemoration of the life and work of environmental justice activist Nan Freeland; a direct action and protest against an execution at the Central Prison in Raleigh and interviews with the Raleigh Catholic Workers; and a feature on 2006 SURGE conference.

Episode 9 (March 2006): Featuring an exploration of freedom of speech, hate speech, and racism in the context of Danish cartoons mocking Prophet Muhammad, an interview with anti-war activist Stan Goff, a feature on media and democracy in the Middle East, and a report on the work of Triangle Area Code Pink.

Episode 10 (April 2006): Featuring highlights from the March 18, 2006 anti-war march and rally in Fayetteville, NC; a short documentary on house demolitions in the occupied Palestinian territory by Israeli forces; and an interview with Israeli Committee Against House Demolition co-founder Jeff Halper.

Episode 11 (June 2006): Featuring a talk entitled, “Inequality Matters” by Boston-based United for Fair Economy speaker Meizhu Lui; highlights of a rally to increase the minimum wage in North Carolina; and an interview with Pakistani women rights leader, Mukhtaran Mai.

Episode 12 (July 2006): Featuring highlights of the South East Social Forum in Durham, NC; a talk on U.S. foreign policy’s impact on women rights; and an interview with Catholic Worker activists about their visit to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Episode 13 (August 2006): Featuring information and advocates who deal with domestic violence in North Carolina; and scenes from a rally against the Israeli invasion of Gaza.

Episode 14 (September 2006): Featuring local historians Akram Khater (NC State University) and Sarah Shields (UNC Chapel Hill) as they investigate the evolution of Hezbollah and consequences of biased U.S. policies towards the Middle East.

Episode 15 (October 1, 2006): Featuring an overview of the Gulf on the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina; and the one year anniversary celebration of Action for Community in Raleigh (ACRe).

Episode 16 (October 15, 2006): Featuring an in depth look at the Raleigh Sanitation Worker’s strike and their fight for dignity, collective bargaining, and human rights at their workplace.

Episode 17 (November 1, 2006): Featuring a talk by Meizhu Lui, executive director of United for a Fair Economy and co-author of a book “The Color of Wealth,” which examines the role of race in the accumulation of wealth.

Episode 18 (November 15, 2006): Featuring a March 2006 talk by Gary Grant, executive director of Concerned Citizens of Tillery and founder of National Black Farmers and Agriculturists Association, about environmental racism.

Episode 19 (December 1, 2006): Featuring a demonstration on the opening day of a new recruitment station in Chapel Hill, NC; the walkout by workers at Smithfield Packing in Tar Heel, NC; ongoing and upcoming work of NC Stop Torture Now; and highlights from the kick-off event of the Katrina Neighbor Tour in Durham, NC.

Episode 20 (December 15, 2006): Featuring a talk by Dr. Dan Figgins, an International Law and Global Environment Expert, titled “Are Populism and Human Rights Compatible: Observation in Venezuela in 2006.”

Episode 21 (January 1, 2007): Featuring a December 11, 2006, press conference at North Carolina General Assembly, which highlighted the role of North Carolina based Aero Contractors in the practice of kidnapping and torture, or “extra-ordinary rendition.”

Episode 22 (January 15, 2007): Featuring speeches and performances at October 2006 kick-off of Katrina Neighbor’s Tour in Durham, NC. The purpose of the Tour was to highlight the plight of victims displaced from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

Episode 23 (February 1, 2007): Featuring highlights from the third national conference for media reform that took place in Memphis in January 2007; the plight of a historic black site in Raleigh, NC; and segments from a conference titled “Women Fight Back” that took place in November 2006.

Episode 24 (February 15, 2007): Featuring Historic Thousands on Jones Street March in Raleigh, North Carolina; highlights from January 27th anti-war rally and march in Washington D.C.; and clips from a domestic abuse documentary titled “A Christmas Family Tragedy.”

Episode 25 (March 1, 2007): Featuring speeches and march from Historic Thousands on Jones Street March in Raleigh, North Carolina; anti-war sit-in and arrests at North Carolina Representative David Price’s office; and clips from a documentary titled “Rich Media, Poor Democracy."

Episode 26 (March 15, 2007): Investigation of Sami Al-Arian's witch-hunt; opposition to a Naval site in North Carolina; call to stop farm workers' deaths on the fields.

Episode 27 (April 1, 2007): Student walk-out from classes to oppose the war in Iraq and broadcast of Bush Crime Commission investigations.

Episode 28 (April 15, 2007): Highlighting worker abuse at Smithfield packing – the world’s largest hog processing plant.

Episode 29 (May 1, 2007): Investigation of “extra-ordinary rendition."

Episode 30 (May 15, 2007): Part 1 of "Reel Bad Arabs"; interview with Veteran CIA analyst Ray McGovern.

Episode 31 (June 1, 2007): A day of truth telling to create a world without sexual violence.

Episode 32 (June 15, 2007): History of May Day; second part of film "Reel Bad Arabs."

Episode 33 (July 1, 2007): 40 years of Israeli occupation; part 1 of "Occupation 101"; environmental racism in North Carolina.

Episode 34 (July 15, 2007): Expose on Red Mosque military operation in Pakistan; part 2 of "Occupation 101."

Episode 35 (August 1, 2007): US Social Forum 2007 - highlights from Katrina plenary; investigation of medical professionals' complicity in torture.

Episode 36 (August 15, 2007): Interviews with activists and excerpts from worker rights workshop at the 2007 U.S. Social Forum

Episode 37 (September 1, 2007): Interview with veteran activist and poet Amiri Baraka.

Episode 38 (September 15, 2007): Best of anti-war movement coverage by Independent Voices.

Episode 39 (October, 2007): Speeches at Jena 6 Rally; Jeremy Scahill’s exposes mercenary corporation Blackwater.

Episode 40 (November, 2007): Anti-war protest organized by Troops Out Now Coalition, protest against Blackwater USA, and Instant Run-off Voting in North Carolina.

Episode 41 (December, 2007): Repeat of IV 29 - Investigation of “extraordinary rendition.”

Episode 42 (January, 2008): Best of anti-war movement.

Episode 43 (February, 2008): Anti-torture and Anti-war protest at Smithfield, North Carolina.

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